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Recipes: Preventing navigation

In some cases you might want to prevent leaving a page of your application. The normal case of preventing this would be done using the onbeforeunload listener. This however doesn't work out of the box with SPA routers.

If you want to prevent navigation to another page on your SPA application, you can add a preventUnload property to the route you want to prevent unloads from.

const routes = [
    { path: "", component: "minimal-setup" },
    { path: "example", component: "example-view", name: "Example" }
        path: "prevent",
        component: "prevent-example",
        preventUnload: true,

Doing this will ask the user for confirmation, as they are about to navigate to another page of your application from your prevent view.

Note that if you want to implement preventing navigation to another domain / site, you should do it yourself using the onbeforeunload API.