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Customizing: Middleware

Simplr Router supports middleware to enhance the base functionality of the Router.

A middleware can be easily plugged into the router and used across the project.

A middleware instance can implement one or all of the middleware functions exposed by the router. The functions are as follows:

Reactive events

These functions are used to react to events administrated by Simplr Router.

routerNavigatingConsumes: viewObject

Produces: viewObject
routerNavigating is called after the router has resolved the route it needs to navigate to. The viewObject will contain data about the route, if one was found.

This function can be used to apply additional checks to the routes, or for manipulating the route data before navigation actually happens.

Another use-case could be for example logging or analytics
routerNavigationCompleteConsumes: container

Produces: Nothing
routerNavigationComplete is called after the navigation has finished.

This middleware hook could be used to apply additional effects to views after navigation has fully completed.
newViewAddedToDOMConsumes: container

Produces: Nothing
newViewAddedToDOM is called as soon as the new view element has hit the DOM, and is accessible by javascript.

This middleware hook could be used to apply some additional effects as soon as possible, even before the whole transition animation has finished.

Overriding events

These functions are used to override the default behavior of Simplr Router

addViewToContainerOverrideConsumes: container, viewObject

Produces: Nothing
addViewToContainerOverride overwrites the functionality Simplr Router has for appending a new View component into the Simplr Router Container.

If this function is defined in a middleware, it overrides the default functionality with the new one.

A use case for overriding the existing implementation could be for example support for a different javascript framework.

An example on this can be found from the official React Middleware implementation
createComponentOverrideConsumes: view

Produces: component
createComponentOverride overwrites the functionality Simplr Router has for creating the View Component before appending it into the Simplr Router Container.

Some frameworks might have a different way of creating a fresh component from the default implementation of Simplr Router. In these cases it's worth consideration to overwrite this function to impelment a custom builder for the view component.

The default functionality uses the document.createElement()-function to create the view, so if a different method is needed, this function can do that.

An example on this can be found from the official React Middleware implementation

Using a middleware

Plugging in a middleware into Simplr Router can be done with the use()-function

import SimplrRouter from "@simplr-wc/router";
import MyMiddleware from "./middleware.js";

const router = new SimplrRouter({ routes });

Middleware template

A middleware that implements all of the functions would be as follows:

export default class SimplrRouterMiddleware {
    routerNavigating(viewObject) {
        console.log("Navigating to view", viewObject);
        return viewObject;

    routerNavigationComplete(container) {
        console.log("Navigation complete. New container around the new view is ", container);

    newViewAddedToDOM(container) {
        console.log("Container containing the new view was added to the DOM", container);

    addViewToContainerOverride(container, viewObject) {
        // This is actually the default configuration, but I'm overwriting it anyway

    // This Overwrite example is from the React implementation
    createComponentOverride(view) {
        if (view.import) {
          await view.import();
        return React.createElement(view.component, view.params, null);